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d Secretary for Transport and Housing Frank Chan Fan. Chan condemned Tuesday's attacks on several MTR stations. Radicals severely threatened passenger safety as they threw ga

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  • r Administration Matthew Cheung Kin-chung said at
  • the Legislative Council inquiry on Wednesday. The rece
  • nt violence in Hong Kong has been severe and widespread, and it would not be acceptable in any civilized soc
  • iety, Cheung said. The violence has blocked people's way to work and school, deprived them of thei
r freedom of movement and posed a serious threat to the whole co



oluntarily cleared bricks and debris from roads in Yuen Long on Wednesday morning. Traffic in the area has been severely disrupted, with railway tracks damaged and roads blocked by debris and bricks from Tuesday's clashes. Classes suspended The Education Burea


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u announced a full-day suspension of school on Thursday due to

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safety concerns. The chaotic traffic and dangerous road conditions have made it very difficult for students to attend classes, a bureau spokesperson said in a stat

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ement. Schools had even received threats to suspend classes for various periods. Some


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ter principals refused to comply, Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung said. The Chi

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